Speed Camera Map

Before your go on the road check your route for speed cameras on this map. The speed camera location database we use is from Speedcams EU

In almost every country in Europe you can find speed cameras. However, the shape and direction of a speed camera can often change. For example in England the speed cameras are often highlighted in yellow so they are striking. In the Netherlands they are often hidden places and makes it harder for them to hide. In France they have smaller once on the high-way. In Swiss it is forbidden to have a gps device that warns you for Speed Cameras.

Speed Camera Map
Speed Camera Database from Speedcams EU, last updated at mei,2021

The The different speed cameras:

The new Speed camera devices are digital. This means the devices won't flash anymore and will not warn other users (because of the flash). They have no camera inside anymore. The picture will be transfered to a central station and within a few days your fine is comming to you.